#FakeNews Game!

Well, I just played the #FakeNews game and it was both addictive and insightful. All in all, through making tough, timely decisions on whether to attack people and ideas, stir up feelings and of course posting memes I gained 8,000 followers. This is insightful when you think about how real this game is. You’re forced to make decisions such as; attack those who dispute you’re information, response efforts if a fact checker calls out the errors and much more. The game typically gives you two options usually along the lines of “What are you going to do? Make meme to attack disputers responses or create a fake account to stir up people’s minds into thinking maybe your thoughts are legit.

Another interesting decision I was asked to make was whether to add some “Bot-followers” or continue to post articles and tweets and earn them. I added the Bot-followers, which is the Twitter equivalent to a “Get rich quick” scheme. Obviously, these Bot-followers are fake Twitter accounts, but they respond to your tweets (typically supporting you) and help your brand gain steam! At this point, I went from 400 followers to 4,000 followers, give or take. So with each new, controversial tweet or article I posted, it would gain more retweets and notice because of these fake followers who have no credibility whatsoever and because the content was so ridiculous or intriguing it became almost impossible for those who disagree with the idea to not give it attention and respond to it! The notability¬†and relevance became addicting and the information that I was publishing did not matter to me, in fact, the more ridiculous things I would post, the more people would get offended or take notice/respond to me. There was a point however where I began to lose some followers over a controversial topic. The game gave me two options, attack the fact checker/people unfollowing me or apologize, and ironically it was when I chose to attack where I would gain followers back and even gain more than I had before they left (the more I apologized the more followers I would lose).

However as you can see in the image, while I did gain 8,000 followers, check out my credibility meter. It basically says thScreen Shot 2018-03-02 at 2.34.12 PMat the Twitter I was running in this game held no integrity at all. Playing this game shows how you can’t believe everything you say on Twitter. Not only are some of those writers gaining notice from literal fake Twitter accounts, but they’re using the fake accounts to help stir up controversial ideas and point of views that they want to be heard. My take away from this game:

Follower DO NOT equal credibility.

Link for the game is down below, it is very addicting and insightful, you can’t stop clicking to see what happens next!








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